Sexual Vegetables - Babe Uses her Carrots Creatively for DP

Desperate times call for desperate measures! In today's 1By-Day Stella Cox will stop at nothing to get her daily gasm, even if that means using phallic looking food!

Stella's decided to get creative before supper and use the dinner veggies to satisfy her cravings for pussy and anal insertion right before tossing them in the salad! We wonder how many women do the same and use their food to get their fix of double penetration like this college cutie does? Watch as Stella shoves one carrot in her box and one in her booty in this sexy solo scene!

We've not seen a curvy ass like Stella's in a while! The way it pops out of her booty shorts and thong leaves us begging to penetrate this Italian hotties caboose! But, we'll stand-by and stroke ourselves as she takes care of business herself!

Stella is a woman who looks sexy even if she's getting sexual with a vegetable! Don't miss watching her get it on in the livingroom with her proxy pricks!

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