Earning her Protein Drink

Today we explore the erotic advantages of the personal trainer lifestyle as our POV video takes you into the DDF Gym where you encounter Adriana Brill, that agile Hungarian honey. You tell Adriana of your professional status as a molder of strong bodies, and although you mention how good she looks, you make it clear that your admiration is focused on her exercise regimen.

You encourage Adriana to continue with her workout, but when she needs a break, you coax her into taking off her duds as that will definitely make it better for her moves. After all, you think to yourself, the ancient Greeks exercised in the nude; but you don’t mention that because by the time you think of it, Adriana has switched from stretches to cock sucking...

Yes, the grey-eyed cutie kneels her nimble 32AA-23-34 body before your ready root and grasps it with her prettily manicured fingers, lapping at the tip of your big dick with her tongue as she shifts from exercising herself to exercising your testicles--until your sac gives her a well-earned shot of the “protein drink” you feel is so essential to the diet of today’s female athletes!

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